Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits, every individual member receives:

  • Access to membership directory and opportunity to network with Agri Meet professionals from around the world.
  • Member may be assigned to be the committee or chair of the relevant AMF/AIFWS conference.
  • Member may be invited to be the reviewer of the relevant AMF/AIFWS conference.
  • Member can register AMF/AIFWS conference with a discounted price.
  • Member may be invited to deliver a keynote speech at the relevant AMF/AIFWS conference.
  • Membership account provides limited electronic space to post your resume, pictures, etc. for greater networking and professional opportunities.
  • Access to electronic copy of Foundation/society’s magazine “Agri Meet Magazine/Agri Meet Newsletter/Agri Meet Journal”.
  • A discount of 10% on subscription cost of Magazine/Newsletter/Journals affiliated by Agri Meet Foundation /Agriculture Innovation & Farmer Welfare society.
  • Get an opportunity to deliver Invited Guest Lecture for Webinar/ Expert Talk, FDP, work shop or National or International Conferences, Symposia/Summit.
  • Opportunities to publish research and review articles, books, book chapter, practical manual in the foundation/society’s journal/book publishing agency.
  • Opportunities to present oral and poster papers at the Foundation/society sponsored events such as International Conference on Agriculture, Horticulture & Life Sciences, Asian Conference on Agriculture, Horticulture & Life Sciences, and European Conference on Agriculture, Horticulture & Life Sciences, etc.
  • Discount on registration fee to the conferences sponsored by AM Foundation /AIFW Society.
  • Biannual newsletter that will provide information from around the world related to Agriculture, Horticulture & Life Sciences, research activities and industry updates.
  • Opportunities to nominate and be nominated by other members for the AM Foundation/AIFW Society sponsored awards and recognition at the society events.

    Type of Membership Fees
    Annual Membership ₹3500 (Including Assistant Editor)
    Life Time Membership ₹5000
    Fellow ₹5500

    In these fees, member will also get membership of Agri Meet “An International Multidisciplinary Magazine and also get certificate of Assistant Editor.