Vision, Mission & Core values


A resilient and prosperous agricultural sector in an enabling policy and business environment, securing farmers’ livelihoods and income and contributing to local and national economic development in a green, food secure and fully independent democratic state and also create Indian agriculture students responsive team by connecting all Agriculture, Horticulture, Veterinary and all allied sciences community along with Scientists, Scholars, Professors to educate farmers for upliftment of farming in India, in a sustainable way by introducing new farming technologies, acting as a resource agency for the betterment of farming community and to empower the rural India leading towards human development with equity, dignity, and justice.


“Population stabilization policies are a must for sustainable food, health, and livelihood security in many developing countries. If population policies go wrong, nothing else will have a chance to succeed.” (Dr. Mankombu Sambasivan Swaminathan)

Agriculture Innovation and Farmer Welfare Society believe that when farmers are enabled to improve and earn from their harvests, rural India can become a place of opportunity and prosperity for all community members.

AIFWS is a broadly recognized Indian farmers’ network, which represents farmers through active district farmers’ associations in all agricultural sectors and communities, which represents farmers to defend their rights and interests to achieve a more securing and enabling policy and business environment, and which provides quality services to strengthen farmers’ skills to better produce, process and market their commodities and cope with shocks and changes.