Membership Overview

Membership and Eligibility :- The Foundation/Society shall have no maximum limit of members including the founder members/ original subscribers.

Eligibility :- In order to be admitted as a member of the Society, a person.

  • Must be 21 years of age on the date of admission.
  • Should subscribe to the aims and objects of the Agri Meet Foundation/ Agriculture Innovation & Farmer Welfare Society.
  • Must have deposited the admission fee and annual subscription fee.
  • Must not be an insolvent and of unsound mind and
  • Must not have been convicted of an offence involving moral turpitude involving the imprisonment of one year or more.

The Foundation/Society consists of six different categories of members as under:

  • (i) Life Members: - A person may be admitted as a life member on payment of the prescribed fees and such person shall continue to be a member of the Foundation/society for his/her life. After taking this membership member can use the title "LAMF/LAIFWS" associated with Agri Meet Foundation/ Agriculture Innovation & Farmer Welfare Society.

    For example:-
    • Dr. Ankur Sharma, Ph.D., LAMF/LAIFWS.
    • Dr. Shreya Tiwari, , Ph.D., LAMF/LAIFWS.
  • (ii) Ordinary Member:- The Foundation/Society shall have ordinary members who shall continue to enjoy their membership only so long as they are not in arrears of payment of their annual subscription fee. An ordinary member may be admitted as a tenured member, say for a period of one year and he/she will cease to be a member of the Foundation/Society on completion of his/her tenure unless he/she pays the annual membership for the subsequent years.
  • (iii) Student members:- Any person who is a student of graduate or post-graduate in agriculture & allied sciences, or is under training in an institution connected with Agricultural Research and allied sciences is eligible for consideration as a Student Member and shall apply for membership on a prescribed form to the Foundation/Society.
  • (iv) Corporate members: - Any organization interested in the development and promotion of their institute/organization/university/college in India is eligible for admission as a corporate member. These could be research institutions, Universities, breeding stations (governmental or private), associations, societies or commercial firms,
  • (v) Patrons Distinguished Scientists/Research Managers:- The individuals promoting the objectives of the Foundation/Society may be proposed by the executive committee as patrons with or without financial involvement.
  • (vi) Honorary Fellows/Fellow Membership: - Eminent persons who have made valuable contributions towards the promotion of Agriculture research, development, trade, and industry may be Honorary Fellow of the Society. Award will be conferred only on invitation of the Executive Committee (Governing Board) upon a person of distinction and outstanding qualifications. After taking this membership member can use the title "FAMF/FAIFWS" associated with Agri Meet Foundation/ Agriculture Innovation & Farmer Welfare Society. Only Person who is qualified the Ph.D. and the candidates their viva has to be done and having PDC can also be applied for Fellow Membership.

    For example:-
    • Dr. V.K. Tripathi, Ph.D., FAMF/FAIFWS
    • Dr. K.L. Reddy, Ph.D., FAMF/FAIFWS